Sports Field Construction

Athletic venues play a vital role in promoting the health and vitality of community life. When an organization or community decides to invest in sports field construction, it’s essential that the project is developed by a professional construction company with vast experience and unrivaled dedication to excellence. There’s nothing worse than dealing with a host of unexpected problems after a sport court construction project has been completed. Fortunately, Hal’s Construction is a leading developer of premium athletic venues in the greater Portland, Oregon area.

Every community takes justifiable pride in the opening of a new sports field or park. Things can go horribly wrong, however, when poor drainage and other problems suddenly interrupt the celebration. That’s why it’s so important to select a construction company that has seen and done it all before. Sports field construction and sport court construction projects require superior master planning and skillful implementation.

Running Track Construction

The installation of a running track for a school or community sports facility makes running a pleasure. Running track construction resurfacing and repair products increase runner comfort and safety. Running tracks are now available in any color, including school colors. Modern running track surfaces are durable, resilient and even UV resistant.

Top quality running track resin-based surfaces are environmentally safe and promote peak performance. These quality running tracks feature a cushioned surface to reduce injury and increase runner comfort. Now it’s possible to run any time of the year.

Soccer Field Construction

New soccer fields are popping up in communities throughout America. Both children and adults love the exercise and competition that a well designed indoor or outdoor soccer facility can provide. From facility planning to project implementation, an experienced sports field contractor can turn a beautiful idea into a soccer facility reality.

There’s more to implementing a new or renovation soccer field project than even the most devoted soccer player will ever realize. From planning, design and budgeting to excavation, grading and compacting, soccer field construction is worth doing well. Sure footing requires professional irrigation and drainage. Synthetic turf installation for FIFA, European and American soccer fields is a precision process that only an experienced sports construction company can complete.

Basketball Court Construction

Basketball court design and construction services can transform community property, commercial land and even boring backyards into a basketball player’s dream come true. Installing a regulation, half-court or custom design basketball court is the best way to get adults and children to turn off the cell phone and get a little exercise. Professionally installed home and commercial basketball courts are available in any color and can meet a variety of space and budgetary needs.

Basketball courts can be installed using a variety of playing surfaces, including concrete, tile and acrylic asphalt surfaces. Professionally grading and installing a rock base for a new outdoor basketball court is vitally important. The asphalt surface comes next, but the court must be perfectly leveled to eliminate flooding, puddles and every imperfection. Acrylic resurfacing products create a heavenly playing surface. Precisely painted lines and professionally installed fixed or adjustable standards let everyone know that it’s time to start practicing that jump shot.

Tennis Court Construction

An experienced sports construction company can provide tennis court construction, renovation, repair and resurfacing services. The installation of a custom or turn-key tennis court creates an exciting venue for enjoying the benefits of vigorous exercise and athletic competition. Advanced technology, including post-tensioned concrete, clay and cushioned surfaces, have made the game of tennis more enjoyable than ever before.

Specialty tennis courts are available in a wide assortment of colors. Maintenance and crack repair services can put an older court, not to mention out of shape tennis players, back in action. Innovative construction techniques and construction innovations have changed tennis court installation forever. Fast drying tennis courts limit match cancellations, and professional quality lighting, fencing and wind curtains are available.

Pickleball Court Contractor

While Pickleball may not have the following of tennis, it is fast becoming a fun alternative for novices and experts alike. While seniors are drawn to the sport because of the smaller court and low-impact nature, games can still be fast-paced and competitive. For kids, the paddles are smaller than tennis rackets and easier to manage. No matter the age of the player, pickleball offers everyone a chance to get together and have some fun.

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Sports Fields and Courts

A general contractor that is experienced in sports field construction is a rare community resources that no one thinks about until it’s time to build a new court. Well designed and maintained football, baseball and multipurpose athletic fields are always in demand. Sports fields also breakup the visual monotony of neighborhoods and business districts. Every aspect of a sports park deserves the attention of a construction company experienced in building fields. From landscaping to lighting, sports turf and fencing, parking and sidewalks to drainage and concrete: Hal’s Construction has the required experience.

Development of a superior sports complex involves the solution of many unique infrastructure related problems. Extensive sports construction planning and project management experience are vitally important. Architects, developers, property owners, city officials and construction managers can depend on Hal’s to deliver only the highest quality construction and maintenance services.

Hals’s Construction provides professional quality sports field construction in the greater Portland area.

Every custom designed sport court construction installation or renovation is guaranteed to meet the highest professional design and construction standards. Please call (503) 226-4999 to schedule a free project consultation.