Church Parking Lot Asphalt Paving & Maintenance Services

Hal’s construction is proud to work on projects that improve the Greater Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington Metro communities.  We are honored to assist with the Asphalt Paving and/or Asphalt Maintenance for your religious institution through our professional parking lot and sidewalk services.  We offer a one stop alternative to meet your parking lot and sidewalk needs. The services we offer include:

  • Complete parking lot demolition and repaving
  • Pothole and crack repair
  • Sealcoating
  • ADA parking space marking
  • Parking lot line striping
  • Concrete curbs and walkways
  • Drainage and bioswales

Praiseworthy Accommodations

We are used to working with a wide range of clients with unique needs. Churches and other community outreach centers require special accommodations to allow all their services to be handled without a hitch. This means setting aside spots for elderly and disabled patrons as well as staff and emergency services while your parking lot is being worked on. We will ensure your lots are all ADA compliant, with added accommodations available to further assist with elderly and disability care. With a large congregation, it’s important to ensure the parking lot is laid out in a pattern that makes sense to limit accidents and accommodate the greatest number of spaces. Keeping the road surface clear of cracks and potholes also helps limit falls from trips.


Before your congregation takes their seats at the pew, they drive their car through the parking lot and walk to the building. Ensuring that initial pilgrimage is safe and pleasant is why Hal and his team get up in the morning. 50 years of construction experience qualifies them to know what’s best for your establishment.

Not Just Any Parking Lot

With a beautiful road and parking lot surrounding it, your church will again look breathtaking, attracting guests to visit and community members to spend more time with their religious community. The church parking lot is a place for car washes, vacation Bible School outdoor activities, wedding send-offs, and funeral receptions. With so many important events happening in your church parking lot, this sacred space deserves special attention. Hal’s Construction is here to give your church’s road surfaces the attention they need, so your church can get back to benefiting the community. Thank you for everything you do!


If your church’s parking lot is in need of some love, this is your sign! Give us a call today!