Private Asphalt Driveways

If you are looking to replace an existing private driveway or install a fresh new driveway on a new property, Hal’s Construction is your driveway experts.

We are well versed in:

– replacing existing driveways that have been damaged beyond repair

– excavating and installing new asphalt driveways

– providing asphalt driveway maintenance and repair

Private Asphalt Driveways

Private Asphalt Driveways

If you have a long private driveway and you would prefer a surface that matches a road, an asphalt driveway is what you are looking for.  At Hal’s Construction we know asphalt paving inside and out. Asphalt needs to resealed every few years, just like a road, and offers a smooth surface for your vehicle.  Asphalt itself is a form of petroleum that has become a kind of pitch. This pitch becomes the binding agent that helps the asphalt concrete stay together to make the driveway surface.

Private Driveway Sealcoating Maintenance

A Paving Sealcoat is an asphalt emulsion, that means it is finely ground asphalt particles that have been dissolved in water. The sealcoat is applied in liquid form and dries to become a hardened asphalt surface. Asphalt sealcoats can be applied to existing asphalt or concrete surfaces. It can fill in gaps or cracks that have developed in the old surface allowing for a uniform look that looks as good as new. The sealcoat has a deep asphalt color to it which helps your driveway have a very classy look. One more thing to make the neighbors jealous!


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