Asphalt & Pavement Maintenance Services

for Property Managers and Commercial Property Owners

Hal’s Construction is a leading commercial and industrial asphalt pavement maintenance company that’s been serving the Portland and Vancouver metro areas for over 50 years. At Hal’s Construction we specialize in asphalt and paved parking lot maintenance services. Keeping a well maintained parking area speak volumes about your business it’s professionalism and its image. Whether you manage a single business, or a property that houses many businesses, keeping your parking areas maintained helps command higher rents, better tenants and better initial image of your property.

Hal’s Construction offers a full menu of asphalt and concrete maintenance services, read below to see how or services can help put your properties best image forward.

Asphalt and Pavement Repair Services

Parking areas need to be periodically maintained just as anything else to prolong their life and appearance. The changing seasons here in the Pacific Northwest can cause a lot of wear and tear on asphalt surfaces. The constant freezing and thawing from typical northwest winters often can cause a lot of damage to pavement that hasn’t been properly maintained which can start as fine cracks in the asphalt, over time these fine cracks widen and with consistent use cause deterioration in the form of potholes or even worse trenches.

Hal’s Construction has serviced the Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington Metro area for over 50 years. We have the knowledge and experience to put together a asphalt pavement maintenance program for just about any budget to help maintain the life of your pavement investment and keep it looking good. Our asphalt maintenance programs can be tailored to meet your individual and specific needs and can be tailored to meet needs such as:

  • Increased life of asphalt pavement
  • Increased safety and traffic/parking management
  • Clean well-maintained exterior image
  • Asphalt repairs and maintenance
  • Parking lot striping and ADA markings
  • Pedestrian safety 
  • Asphalt crack sealing
  • and much more…

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Parking Lot Striping & Safety Markings

Keeping your parking areas striping fresh and visible is the first step in maintaining order and safety for people accessing your property. Hal’s Construction has over 50 years experience in setting up parking lot configurations as well as re-striping old faded striping. Hal’s Construction can also help you map out and implement safer alternative setups if you’re concerned for the safety of vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Hal’s Construction can help with:

  • Re-striping of old faded parking lot markings
  • ADA compliant parking stalls
  • Pedestrian safety – crosswalks, walkways, and no parking zones
  • and much more…

Hal’s Construction can help with customized striping as well for specialty properties such as warehouses and industrial facilities to mark areas such as hyster zones, no walk zones, and more. Give us a call to talk to one of our asphalt maintenance specialist and get the answers you’re looking for.

Asphalt Seal Coat & Crack Sealing

Typically for new asphalt surfaces it’s recommended that the new surface is seal coated within the first year, after that for maximum life it’s recommended that paved surfaces be seal coated every two to three years to maintain a good appearance and reduce chances for damage to take hold. Prior to these periodic seal coat services Hal’s Construction will also inspect your asphalt to determine areas that may need extra attention such as cracks to stop these from becoming bigger issues down the road.

Many property managers and building owners many questions when it comes to seal coating and asphalt maintenance, such as:

  • Are there differences on how the seal coat is applied, and does it make a difference?
  • Are there different types of seal coats?
  • Is there anything I should do to prepare my asphalt for the seal coat?
  • Do you clean the asphalt before applying the seal coat?
  • How long before the asphalt can be driven on?
  • Will seal coating cover old stains such as oil spots?

Hal’s Construction caan answer all of these questions, and any others you may have. Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to walk you through this process.

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Asphalt Repaving Services

For over 50 years Hal’s Construction has proven itself as the premier commercial paving contractor for property managers and building owners. Hal’s Construction offers one of the Portland areas best guarantees on our paving services and we pay attention to the small details to make sure your new pavement gives you years of service with minimum maintenance.

Hal’s Construction provides asphalt repaving  to many types of businesses including:

  • Commercial and Retail Properties
  • Office Complexes and Mixed Use Properties
  • Parking Lots and Storage Facilities
  • Strip Malls and Commerce Centers
  • Shipping and Trucking Facilities
  • Walking and Biking Paths
  • Mill Yards and Lumber Processing Plants
  • Parking Structures and much more…

Hal’s Construction provides commercial and residential paving services in the greater Portland area.

We offer free project consultations and guaranteed craftsmanship on the construction of long lasting parking lots, driveways, walkways, roads, sports courts and other asphalt paving solutions. Please call (503) 226-4999 to schedule a free project consultation.