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Hal’s Construction can meet all your concrete needs. We offer broomed, exposed aggregate, stamped, and many other types of concrete finishes. Concrete is an attractive and long-term investment. If you can dream it, we can do it! We offer year-round services. We choose the days that the weather cooperates to perform the work.


For projects such as walkways, patios, and driveways, industry standards require 4″ of concrete. For an approach or heavy truck traffic areas, 6″ of concrete may be required. There are also many ways to strengthen your concrete. Upon request, we can design a stronger concrete mix for a minimal cost. The most popular way to strengthen your concrete is to have rebar or wire mesh installed between the concrete and the rock base. Ask one of our estimators for what type would suit your job best. Industry standards requests ¼-inch slope per foot away from all structures. A ⅛-inch slope may apply for some projects. Proper drainage is critical to avoid saturation of concrete and to avoid puddles. Stamped concrete will require a greater slope.


Concrete requires a minimum 4″ rock base on stable soil prior to installation. If preparation is needed, it will be included in the price upon customer’s request.


Water repellent coatings will help avoid damage from freezing or thawing cycles. Sealing will eliminate water from getting into the surface pores. Newly cured concrete should have a period of air-drying before being sealed.

Curbing and Walls

We offer a variety of curbing options to choose from. Extruded curbing will allow a curb upon an existing surface. Poured in place or gutter curbing may require a rock base. Options of curbing for planters in landscaping areas are also available. We also provide stone walls, retaining walls, and foundations. Contact us with any questions.

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Extruded Concrete Curbing

Land improvement and maintenance are frequent concerns of commercial and municipal entities but the specifics of concrete development are rarely focused on directly. Things like paving, edging, drainage and pathways are the first items that quickly come to mind but extruded concrete curb and commercial extruded curbing less so. Our concrete artisans are curb experts who install concrete curbs frequently.

Commercial Concrete

Hal’s Construction has a division dedicated to commercial and industrial concrete construction that serves the Portland Metro area.  Hal’s Construction was established in Portland Oregon over 50 years ago.   The professionals at Hal’s construction are well versed in all aspects of commercial concrete and industrial concrete construction. If it involves anything to do with pouring, finishing or patching of commercial or industrial concrete work Hal’s construction is the company to call. We pour and construct commercial concrete pads, sidewalks and walkways.  We also pour and construct industrial loading ramps, truck terminals, loading docks and manufacturing facilities to name a few. If you are looking for a commercial concrete contractor or an industrial concrete contractor call Hal’s Construction now.

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Residential Concrete

Concrete can be a sound choice for improving a residential property’s value and appearance. From seamless edgings used to decorate gardens and flower beds to walkways and smoothly grooved sidewalks and driveways, the right contractor can subtly shape any residential property. Properly sculpted drainage channels, patios and additional boat and RV parking are necessary components of a quality home.

When it’s time to replace that old driveway or add a stylish patio slab to the homestead, selecting a residential concrete contractor with a proven record of success should be the number one priority. A residential concrete services professional can add functionality and value to any residential property. Hal’s Construction is a full-service concrete contractor with over 50 years of experience serving the greater Portland, Oregon area.

Concrete Repair

Concrete repairs need not be painful or ugly. We have provided our commercial property managers and home owners with expert concrete repairs for over 50 years in the Portland Metro area.  Hal’s construction can repair and restore all types of concrete.  It is vitally important that your concrete be inspected regularly for strength and stability in all commercial buildings and industrial concrete pads. Repairs must be performed in a timely fashion.  Commercial and industrial concrete must be free of any cracks and weakness.  Safety must be taken seriously in all commercial buildings and industrial complexes.  Some repairs require concrete cutting, the removal of all broken or cracked concrete and a new fresh concrete patch poured and finished to perfection.

Stamped Concrete

Businesses and homeowners are choosing stamped concrete to update the looks of walkways, driveways, patios, or interior flooring throughout their property. Transform the style of these areas with cost saving designs of decorative concrete to imitate flagstone, slate, stone, tile, brick or wood. Hal’s concrete specialists utilize various textures, patterns, and colors to design indoor and outdoor living areas that mimic more expensive building materials. Decorative concrete is replacing the conventional boring gray concrete of the past for the most stylish options for today’s concrete. Hal’s offers homes and businesses a more creative and long-lasting approach to give their property a distinctive look with the textures, patterns and accent colors of stamped concrete.

Hal’s Construction provides professional quality concrete contractor services in the greater Portland area.

Concrete is an attractive and long-term investment. If you can dream it, we can do it! We offer year-round services. Please call (503) 226-4999 to schedule a free project consultation.