Excavation Contractor
in the Greater Portland, Oregon Area

Things have really changed in the world of excavating services. These days, professional excavation contractors can do a lot more than dig holes in the ground. Premium excavation services now feature trenchless technology, expert drainage control and precision grading. Hal’s Construction has been providing professional excavation services in the greater Portland, Oregon area for more than 50 years. Hal’s Construction provides excavation solutions for commercial, residential, industrial and municipal building projects at affordable rates.

Excavation Contractors

Construction projects are never neat and tidy. There’s never a shortage of unexpected surprises. That’s why it’s important to select an excavating services contractor that has seen and done it all before. Hal’s Construction is one of those rare family owned businesses that has earned a reputation for dependability and expert craftsmanship. They deliver the best excavation services in the industry, and they guarantee their work.

  • Commercial, residential, industrial and municipal excavating solutions
  • Drainage control
  • Precision grading
  • Vacuum excavating
  • Line boring
  • Building site design and development services

Hal’s Construction knows how to make a building or repair project work, and trenchless technology protects the environment while ensuring reliable performance for many years to come. The excavation phase of any building project is absolutely crucial. Proper design and attention to detail are the only means of avoiding unexpected drainage problems and expensive repairs. Unfortunately, countless general contractors and property owners have suffered the consequences of a haphazard excavation job.

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Excavation Solutions

Installing underground pipes can now be accomplished without breaking up roads, driveways or sidewalks. Even the landscaping, doghouse and swing set are safe from the installation of a pipe or utility. It all happens underground. If only the gophers were as polite and unobtrusive as experienced excavation contractors.

Hal’s Construction can provide the consultation design and site work necessary to make a commercial, residential, industrial or municipal excavation project a complete success. The Hal’s Construction excavating services team is accustomed to working cooperatively with a wide range of Portland area contractors, architects and engineering firms. All excavation work complies with local building codes and the highest professional standards.

Drainage Control

Hal’s Construction is a leading provider of drainage and erosion control services. The Hal’s Construction team utilizes the latest equipment, technology and materials to ensure construction site stabilization. Hal’s Construction has the knowledge and experience to design and implement any erosion, sedimentation control or storm water management plan. Controlling or capturing rainwater runoff is vital in the Pacific Northwest. It is the key to eliminating areas that remain wet for prolonged periods of time and minimizing erosion.

Expert excavation contractors know how to keep foundations dry and make driveways and parking lots safe. Businesses, residences, athletic fields and other community venues need a properly designed drainage system to eliminate water damage and promote operational efficiency. Areas that were previously difficult to evaluate can now be accurately surveyed and accounted for during the design phase of a drainage control or storm water management plan. Fields and slopes can be thoroughly analyzed to predict surface water flows and watershed zones.

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Precision Construction Grading

Hal’s Construction can provide better design solutions for any construction or site development project. Construction site integrity is crucial to the success of a building project. Only the best grading equipment, GPS technology and laser-guided project implementation can produce the results that property owners, developers and government officials expect. Hal’s Construction can implement any size construction grading job.

Construction grading and site development projects, including project design, demolition, clearing and disposal, prepare the way for the construction of roads, building pads, and other essential utilities. Hal’s Construction has the expertise and equipment to bring any building project to life. Comprehensive project estimates are provided free of charge.

Hal’s Construction provides a full range of professional excavation services, repair services, infrastructure upgrades, trenchless technology and emergency response services. Hal’s Construction is a trusted contractor with an impeccable reputation. Free consultations are available for commercial, residential, industrial and municipal building projects in the greater Portland area. Please call (503) 226-4999 to learn how Hal’s Construction can help make any building or repair project a complete success.