Hospital and Medical Center Parking Lot Paving

The parking lots and entrances of hospitals, medical centers and other healthcare facilities are not your typical paving projects. There are a few extra considerations that are extremely important to make sure everyone involved is safe during the installation.

Hostpital Parking Lot Paving Hal's Construction

ADA Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act has done wonders to improve hospital entrances and parking lots. Ensuring compliance with these rigorous standards is extremely important to us. While the minimum standards are good, many healthcare facilities would like additional accessibility options for greater patient care. At Hal’s Construction we are dedicated to ensuring your patients have easy access to your building and life-saving services.

Clear Timelines

Transparency with timelines is incredibly important to ensuring a smooth paving process while businesses remain open. With an actively operating hospital, it’s important for parking lots to be closed for the shortest amount of time possible. At Hal’s Construction, we understand the importance of clear timelines and work with clients to find schedules that will allow their businesses to function during construction.


Timelines aren’t the only way that a paving company can ensure healthy business operation during construction. Ensuring clear paths for ambulances and other emergency vehicles as well as prioritizing emergency parking spots help keep the hospital buzzing while construction rattles outside. Paving strategically in sections to allow for consistent parking locations around your building also helps to keep things moving and people healthy during construction.

Safety is our top priority

Even when we aren’t working with the medical community, safety is paramount to our work. We ensure that all our staff wear proper safety gear while on the job site. We also take care to make sure the workspace is safe around customers, minimizing dust and particulates in the air as well as keeping the site clean and free of trash. We won’t leave until the job is done properly to all OSHA and ADA requirements and you and your patients are happy.


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