Asphalt & Concrete Paving Services Lake Oswego, OR

Concrete and Asphalt Sealing Contractor in Lake Oswego, OR

Hal’s construction is your choice for anything from driveway repair, new paving, or new structure concrete work. Hal’s Construction Inc. is a family owned and operated business that has been paving in Lake Oswego and the greater Portland area for years. We’re proud to have installed or refinished many road surfaces in our local area. We also work year-round, unlike many contractors in the area.

Our services include:

Asphalt Paving Services

We are proud to offer services for any level of paving operation. It doesn’t matter how large of an area you need paved, our team is prepared for the job. We offer free estimates for residential, commercial, and industrial jobs. Our staff is highly trained in ADA compliance and has built a wide range of products, including roadways, subdivision, private access roads, alleyways and parking lots.

Sealcoating Contractor Services

Sometimes you don’t need a brand new paving surface for your home or business in Lake Oswego, you may just need a fresh topcoat to make everything look new again. As well as looking great, a concrete seal coat will help your paved surface last much longer. Our trained staff are experts at sealcoating and can complete your job in typically just one business day.

Residential and Commercial Concrete Services

As well as paving, Hal’s Construction is also a great company for residential and commercial concrete laying. Our experts will find the right combination of raw ingredients to create a concrete mix that meets your needs before we begin application. You tell our mixer what you need from your concrete and he makes the perfect batch every time. It doesn’t matter if your home is on the Palisades, Oak Creek, Bryant, or Westridge, our staff are happy to come out and make your concrete surfaces look brand new. Let us help with your next project to add to our list of happy customers.

Excavation Contractor in Lake Oswego, OR

We have over 50 years of experience in excavation services and are more than capable for any residential, industrial or municipal job you have for us. Our services include drainage control, prevision grading, vacuum excavating, building site design, and line boring. We also offer subterrain services including pipe installation without disturbing what’s on the surface. With a large collection of professional grade tools and machines we are well prepared for any job.

If you’re looking for paving services in Lake Oswego, Oregon, look no further than Hal’s Construction. Give us a call today!